Bicycle Helmets and Headlamps

I am often asked if the Outdoor Pro Gear LHB-1000 headlamp will fit on a bicycle helmet. I will have to admit, I don’t own a bike. So I have to rely on others to answer this one for me.

Today I received an email from a customer that talks about this exact thing. I thought this would be a great place to share the information.

Schwin Swift bike helmet Model SW77534-2
Schwinn Swift bike helmet Model SW77534-2



The LHB-1000 Headlamp “fits really, really well on the Schwinn Swift bike helmet Model SW77534-2.  The battery pack fits solidly into the space in the rear of the helmet (no extra straps or velcro needed), and the light can be easily fixed to the front of the helmet with two or three short velcro straps. There are enough air holes in the helmet to allow just about any arrangement.”

– Jack




This helmet is only $20 at Walmart and has some nice features.

Schwinn Swift Black Helmet, Adult:

  • EZ Snap pinch-free magnetic buckle allows for quick 1-handed latching and unlatching
  • In-mold technology provides a highly durable lightweight helmet
  • Dial fit offers 100 percent adjustability for larger or smaller heads
  • Optimal flow vents keep you cool
  • Rear exhaust ports for enhanced air flow
  • Large heat sealed surrounding pad system for ultimate comfort

Find out more on Walmart’s website

We’ve certainly had our share of reviewers that talk about using the LHB-1000 while bicycling.  Here are a few of them.

Great light for biking! It is very bright and easy to wear. It throws a powerful beam that you can direct with a turn of the head, which you cant do with a mounted light.My husband loved it for camping. The battery pack holds three AA’s so it lasts longer than my other headlamp. I really like the easy focus feature that changes the beam from narrow and intense to broad and wide.  -A. Murray | Amazon Review

I bought 2 and just got back from Yosemite where they came in handy while biking, hiking and walking around camp. Easy to put on and take off and durable if you drop it.  – L. Eltringham | Amazon Review

Unbelievably bright and the light is very even, unlike normal flashlights that have a single bright spot in the middle and rings or streaks. I like the fact that the battery compartment is on the back of the head strap, lessening the weight of the light in the front. I also really like that it uses normal AA batteries instead of the weird rechargables that some ultra-bright LED lamps require. The strap adjust to fit snugly directly on my head but can be adjusted to fit over a bike helmet as well.   – D. James | Amazon Review