Harvesting Nature Supper Club

This is SUCH a cool idea!!!!

Harvesting Nature

Harvesting Nature Supper Club

Article and recipe contributed by Editor in Chief J. Townsend. Photographs by J. Deardorff.

Sitting down with your friends and family to enjoy the fresh fish and wild game procured by your own hands is often the apex of the outdoor experience. For many, this is why we hunt and fish, outside of curing our own primal urge for adventure. Within these meals, we honor the animals we have harvested by using our culinary skills to create delicious dishes and properly using the meat they provided.

It seems as though there has been a movement that is changing the dynamics of the modern hunter and angler. People are more curious about their food. They want to know the origins, and as a result, have become interested in hunting and fishing. Many of these people see the value in harvesting your own meat from both wild game and wild fish. So…

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